Hey Jayne - What church do you go to?

People ask me all the time what church I go to. I understand the question because I know what they really want to know. They’re really seeking to discover what denomination I identify with. If they can know what denomination I am, they feel freer to assume where I fall theologically.

This helps them make a decision as to whether or not I’m “safe” to have speak at their event or to follow online. I get it. I respect it. But I’ve found it harder and harder to explain what I believe theologically. Especially because stereotypes are a thing. I’ve found people can also find a false sense of security in identifying with a particular denomination so I tend to avoid it all together. “It’s complicated” has been my safe response...

Until I read this article that came out a while back.

All of a sudden the lights came on. It finally made sense. I’ve discovered this beautiful marriage of God’s word coming alive through the power and very real presence of the Holy Spirit. It’s changed everything for me. Raised Southern Baptist (a pastor’s daughter no less!) and attending an Assembly of God church is no longer moving from one extreme to another but rather a union of what I read in scripture.

I suppose I am not a safe speaker. But I don’t think God is a safe God.

I think scripture made alive through the Holy Spirit will wreck every fundamental religious ideology that exists today in the pursuit of God calling you to an intimate relationship with Him. My goal is only to speak in such a way as to express to you His reality. Reveal His love toward you. His power offered to you. I trust the Holy Spirit to do anything transformative through it. He is anything but safe...He’s better.

So what do I believe?

I believe Matt Chandler seems to explain it best in his article right here, and I’ve just decided it’s time to come out with it. See it here —> https://www.christianpost.com/amp/matt-chandler-being-reformed-and-charismatic-feels-like-being-an-orphan-we-need-both.html?fbclid=IwAR2me0eTc5x86ej0bJprlyFqZBZDbe7yFYDyeaDE8MQywgyRzju1Hz5S9pI

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