Lessons I'm learning from my daughter.

This is my daughter. I’m wild about her. She’s just one of those really amazing humans. Truly. Not just because I’m her mama. She’s just a neat person…(well, I might be slightly partial. But whateve’s….#myblogandall ;-) )

Interestingly however, Morgan has also been entrusted by God with a unique gift. She was born hearing impaired.

The actual clinical diagnosis was given to us around age 3. After taking her to the doctor multiple times pleading with them that, “We know she can’t hear us. Can we please have her hearing tested?” Her hearing was retested and we soon received phone call with an apology and the words “She has a genetically related, moderate-to-severe hearing loss in both ears.” Prayerfully it doesn’t deteriorate but at this time she is tested once a year, wears two hearing aids, and when 1 isn’t lost (which is our current situation...sigh...) hears better than her peers who are unaided. 

Driving to speech therapy in those early years we told her in a completely un-profound manner that, “Everyone has something. Either it shows up early in life, or it shows up later. But baby, everyone has something.” I can assure you, by the grace of God her understanding of that fact hasn’t held her back. That child has ridiculously excelled flat out in spite of her something. Only God.

Considering that, the thought occurred to me the other day to ask her a personal question:

Morgan, have you ever asked God to heal your ears?”

Morgan replied: “No, why would I? I can tune people out when I’m tired of listening to them! Besides, it makes me - ME.

After I laughed a little, I began to think about it...

My Morgan literally can’t hear anything when she first gets up in the morning. It takes her a bit to adjust to the sounds around her before she puts her hearing aids in. She is a master lip reader (something her pediatrician identified after about six months…), and if she focuses on your face, she can mostly make out what you’re saying if she has chosen not to wear her aids. Her friends will tell you she is amazing at laughing even when she doesn’t hear the joke, and often says “Huh? or “What?” only when she really does care about what they’re talking about. She also has amazing friends who aren’t concerned about repeating themselves. Teachers, coaches, they have all been so kind. Incredibly grateful for all of them, truly.

The point being however, Morgan CAN hear you unaided if she chooses to. But she has to focus. She has to be close to you. She needs to be able to see your mouth. She must work to tune out all the noises around her. And she can “hear” you. Not like how you and I hear, but how she can.

And it hit me...

This is the same way we can hear God speaking to us. Job 33:14 (NLT) says, "For God speaks again and again, though people do not recognize it." Why? Because all of us are born with a hearing deficiency. Sin itself is deafening. The world continually screams for our attention. And the Lord? He refuses to compete. His voice is calming. It’s soft. But we must choose to focus on it. Turn our faces to His. Tune out (or turn off ) all the other voices and noises coming in at us at  breaking speed...and get quiet enough to l-i-s-t-e-n….

Just like Morgan CAN hear you unaided if she works at it, so we can hear God if we want to. I'm just sharing a lesson from her life's playbook: Turn toward Him, look at His face, tune out the other voices, and you’ll hear His whisper. And HIS voice? It’s the One voice that really matters.

"Ask me and I will tell you remarkable secrets you do not know about things to come." Jeremiah 33:3

*SIDE NOTE: Both Morgan and her father read and reviewed this blog before posting. Hearing loss is something we live with as a family - don't let a child's diagnosis determine who he/she will become. Pray and see what the Lord can do. Never discount His hand in all these matters or the lessons He will teach you through them.