“Why do they think that about me?”

It’s rare (albeit not impossible), to find a woman who doesn’t care what people are saying/thinking about her. She may deflect in private conversations in an attempt to self-persevere stating, “I mean, I don’t care what they think about me...”, but mark my words...deep down...she cares.


So she thinks.

And she wonders.

Allowing her mind to rehearse every past conversation, texts sent too quickly, words spoken privately, trying to wrap her heart around where the disconnect happened.  

Her mind then plagued with questions like:

Why do they think that about me?

Why do they assume that?

Why wouldn’t they ask me directly about it?

All the while, the enemy is continuously working overtime building into the heart of the already insecure a deeper sense of woundedness that will bleed over into every.other.relationship.

Why? Because slander hurts. Slander is so intimately tied to perceived rejection, and a perceived rejection can damage a healthy view of oneself. It can nearly eviscerate future healthy relationships. The most insecure people I know feel like they just can’t measure up to others expectations because somewhere along the line someone slandered them - and they found out about it. So now? They trust no one. Convinced everyone is a “fake” and will also ultimately slander/reject them in the future.

Charles Spurgeon writes, "Satan leaves no stone unturned against the Church of God. He uses not simply the hand; but, what is oftener a sharper weapon, the tongue. We can bear a blow, sometimes, but we cannot endure an insult. There is a great power in the tongue. We can rise from a blow which smote us to the ground; but we cannot so easily recover from slander, that lays the character low."

Recently I read Isaiah 54:17 that says, “No weapon that is formed against you will succeed; And every tongue that rises against you in judgment you will condemn. This [peace, righteousness, security, and triumph over opposition] is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, And this is their vindication from Me,” says the Lord.

What joy for the soul enslaved to brokenness! Have you been slandered and you’re wanting to lash out in your own defense? Tell everyone you know about how wronged you've been? God knows all about it.  He’s heard every whisper and knows every lie. And He’s letting you know, He already has it taken care of.  Sister, you can have peace resting in His future vindication.

In fact, if you are in Christ, this IS your heritage. What hope!

Because of the ability he had to trust in God’s faithfulness both to His Word and to His people, Spurgeon concluded his remarks on this passage with this truth, "The more accusers, the more acquittals; the more slander, the more honor; so the enemy may slander us as much as he pleases."

You see, he knew God wins.  And we can know this too. It will never matter what people say about you, or what others choose to believe.  It only matters what God thinks, and He can handle our reputations.

David Guzik writes, “When a person understands that their righteousness is really from the Lord, they are much more comfortable in letting the Lord protect their righteousness.”

Amen and Amen!!