Are you looking for some ideas for those long summer days? I am too! Here are some super quick ones you might find enjoyable this summer!

A - Andy’s Frozen Custard

B - Bowling, Boating, Belly Dancing, Bike Ride the Katy Trail

C - Cardinal Game, Campout , City Museum

D - Drive to mystery destination of planner’s choice, Dive off a diving board, Lay out on a Dock

E - Eckert’s Farm, Exercise

F - Food Truck lunch, Fireworks, Fishing, Ferry Ride

G - Grant’s Farm

H - History Museum, Hiking

I - Indian Reservation, Ice Cream Sundaes

J - Jeff City (Central Dairy is a MUST)

K - Krispy Kreme donut date

L - Lake of the Ozarks, Library

M - Missouri Botanical Gardens

N - Nighttime stargazing

O - Omnimax, Oceans of Fun

P - Purina Farms, Picnic

Q - QT lunch on the way to a picnic, “Quack” - Feed the ducks

R  - R-themed day (make rock candy, paint rocks and hide them around town, make a roast)

S - Six Flags, S[ash Station

T - Tuesday Home Movie Marathon, make a Tent to watch from.

U - Ultimate Laser Tag

V - VBS, try new Vegetables

W - Water park

X - X-plore! X marks the spot scavenger hunt (Letter-boxing)

Y - Yard work

Z - Zoo

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