He trusted Jesus with the process.

In John 9, we see Jesus making mud with his spit to heal someone.  (His spit is holy spit).

But I was reminded of something while reading it.  Whenever Jesus acted or healed someone it (not always), but often seemed to require action on the part of the recipient. This poor (blind man) had to find his way to the Pool of Siloam.  Imagine with me a blind man, mud on his eyes, stumbling along to a pool he's never seen.  How many times do we want Jesus to just say the magic words and "presto" we are healed.  It would have been easy for the man to have complained, sat down discouraged, or just flat out refuse to move, and insist that Jesus heal us the way we think he should.

But here we see the man headed to the pool.  He was willing to get up out of the mud where he found himself, and obey the healer, even though he couldn't see what was happening.

He trusted Jesus with the process.

How many times has Jesus done something in my life that required action on my part and I failed to see outcome because I was frustrated with the process.

Jesus is not limited to a certain path of healing.

Let's just obey him when he says to us "blind guys", get up and struggle to find the pool to wash off the "holy mud". - David Martin


Jayne PattonComment