I can’t punish my past self for not having present knowledge. - Guest Blog by Jenna Barbosa

In women’s ministry, shoot - in any ministry, you’ll discover a level of brokenness that seems to need the tenderest type of healing touch. In my opinion, “cutting” falls under that category.

My sweet friend and certified Biblical Counselor Jenna Barbosa recently wrote a quick summary of helpful reminders that I asked if I could share on my blog. She graciously agreed. I don’t know if you will find these helpful - but perhaps you know someone it will help. Please feel free to share!

“Cutting is either on the “let’s not talk about it” end of the spectrum or it’s on the “it’s just a fad” end. Working with a client of mine, we came up with some mantras to be able to read and remember when tempted to turn to cutting for release.

If you know someone who struggles with cutting themselves as a way of coping, please pass these along!

* I can’t punish my past self for not having present knowledge.

* When pain comes, because i am on this side of heaven, I have Jesus to help me through it

* Choose to spend energy that leads to a door through the pain - not a wall where I get stuck at it.

* What effects my brain physically won’t fix my heart emotionally.

* Cutting releases a neurological response, not an emotional one.

* Because of Jesus’ pain on the cross I don’t “deserve” pain.

* Not all my problem are because of me only! There can possibly be shared responsibility!

* Their problems aren’t my responsibility.

* The past is the past- I don’t need to punish myself for what happened but learn from it to do better next time.

* Ending my life won’t cause the problems to end.

* Cutting is only skin deep.

* One flat tire is better than four, just because I started cutting doesn’t mean I need to keep going just like one flat tire doesn’t mean I need to cut the other three open.

* The sooner I stop cutting the further away from shame I am.”

To hear more from Jenna - check her out at https://www.jennabarbosa.com/