Reversals and Set Backs

Ohmigoodness! Have you ever made a decision to step out in faith and then been sidelined by reversals and setbacks? Ohhhh I get it! I'm literally living it!! 😱

(But here's the thing - and why READING the Bible every freaking day is VITAL for our Christian sanity! JS 💪🏻)

Listen - the same thing happened to the Israelites! They were in bondage and these two men - Moses and Aaron - come along and say, "Hey the Lord says He knows and He's going to set you free!" (Ex. 4:29-30)

Scripture tells us, "When they (the Israelites), heard that the Lord was concerned about them and had seen their misery, they bowed down and worshiped." (Ex. 4:31)

I'm sure they did worship! Maybe included a little cymbal and tambourines. Right? Jews knew how to get down!! F.I.N.A.L.L.Y. I'm totally with them btw.

But then - agggggh! Instead of this immediate turn around - things got WAY worse! Their work was made more impossible and Pharaoh legit completely freaked out on them!

Stay with me.

Imagine it's you. You've been suffering for like EVER with something and now you've just been told you're going to be set "free".

The scan came back clear.
You got the job.
You received the acceptance letter.
Your spouse is repentant.
The child entered rehab.
You secured an amazing location for an overnight retreat.

You've thanked God for His intervention and blessing - and then NOTHING goes according to your expectations.

A new spot was found.
They have a hold on hiring.
You didn't get the scholarship.
They still want a divorce.
The child relapsed.
You discovered women prefer local conference formats. (say what?! 😍)

You're now at the bottom of the spiritual pit. You trusted God. You worshipped at His answer. And now feel like has He failed you.

What is hhhhaaappppeeenniingg???

Moses and Aaron had the same thoughts. They protested, "Why have you brought all this trouble on your own people, Lord?..." (Ex. 5:22)

God responds with one of the most powerful paragraphs in the OT.

He's all:

I AM the Lord.
I WILL free you.
I WILL rescue you.
I WILL redeem you.
I WILL claim you.
I WILL be your God. (See Ex. 6:6)

Don't get me wrong. Discouragement CAN lead to disbelief (see Ex. 6:9), but friends we gotta make a big girl decision sometimes. We have an enemy who wants us to live by what we can see, touch, and feel. God wants us to live by His Word and by faith in Him.

If you allow your discouragement to draw you down into to disbelief you will miss out on the upcoming miraculous deliverances that God has in store for you. Miraculous provisions! We will miss HIM!!


You see, God was WITH the Israelites. Pharaoh's harsh responses didn't surprise God. His ridiculousness meant nothing to him. God was still in charge. His plan was still in place.

And it still is today! He's with US!

Fine. Yes. I can totally still wish we had more instantaneous results. And I can't say God still won't do that. He could. But when He waits....we will wait on Him.

Are you in the pit of some perceived reversal? Focus back on God. He sees. He knows. As another friend told me - Set backs are just set-ups!


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