Man's intentions vs. God's intentions

You intended to harm me, but God intended it all for good. HE brought me to this position so I could save the lives of many people.” - Joseph (Genesis 50:20)

I about died when I read this verse again this morning. As I stopped and meditated on it, the Lord began to impress upon my heart these key points out of Joseph’s story…

Man may intend to:

ABUSE you (Joseph’s brothers sold into slavery)
ACCUSE you (Potiphar's wife)
ABANDON you (baker/cup bearer)

But GOD intends to:

MOVE you (purchased by Egyptian officer)
DEEPEN you (iron placed into to Joseph’s soul)
POSITION you (second in command to Pharaoh)

Perhaps you didn’t have the best parents, or have experienced excruciatingly painful situations at the hands of those who should have loved and protected you. Maybe someone is speaking harmful things about you to others, and you deservedly want to rage and publicly defend yourself. Or maybe you’ve recently lost a job, or a spouse has filed for a divorce.

Listen sweet friend, don’t assume God has abandoned you when you feel abused, accused, and abandoned by man. Look instead to God. He sees your life from past, to current, to future. I can assure you, He is very much utilizing the broken intentions of man to accomplish His perfect intentions of moving, deepening, and positioning you. Surrender your life to Him today. All of it. The past, the present, and your future. He can be trusted.

Perhaps even your life will be used to save the lives of many others. - ❤Jayne