No wonder disbelief makes God so furious. He knows our disbelief hurts US.

"When the Lord heard them, He was furious.  The fire of His wrath burned against Jacob.  Yes, His anger rose against Israel, for they did not BELIEVE God or trust Him to care for them." Psalm 78:21-22

My heart just nearly sank when I read that this morning. I mean, I know sin makes God angry. But disbelief?  Well, scripture just went ahead and said that makes Him "furious".


You see, I am completely that girl. I have often found myself not believing God or trusting Him to care for me.  Like the Israelite's before me in Psalm 78, I have also forgotten the miracles of God.  I have rebelled against Him.  I have often thought, "I know better."  

If you're anything like me....perhaps you've wondered things like, "Will I ever meet a man without going to the bars?  There aren't any cool guys outside of them. Or they're all taken already."  "Will I ever find a job?" "Will my child ever be healed?" "What if He doesn't answer the way I want Him to?" "I know I can make things happen on my own timetable.  I mean for real, I can live with the consequences of my choices.  I have before. I'm over anyone telling me what to do anymore! God will love me anyway. He has to*." And we forge on ahead making the same bad choices we did before.  And the spiral into darkness and hopelessness continues...

(*Side note, justifying our sin by acknowledging God's love for us cheapens His grace.  He loves us too much to allow us to continue in our sin without eventual consequences. Guard against justifying. You may end up having to pay a higher price than you ever intended. - A friend who knows<3)

No wonder disbelief makes God so furious. He knows our disbelief hurts US.  And I believe He desires so much more for His children.

So what if we took the risk of believing He's right? What if all the miracles He did in the past are really to show us what He can do in our lives today?!   What if we decided today to step away from our unbelief and enter into the rest that Jesus Christ provides.  Trusting in His timetable. Trusting in His words.  Bringing Him delight in hanging on to the hope that He cares for us.

The psalmist wrote that we must also (in our generation), "set its hope anew on God..." (Psalm 78:7 NLT)

Yes! Let's do that! Today!  Either we keep going our own way, walking in disbelief, or embracing that the same God who provided for our biblical ancestors in the past will continue to care for us as today as well.

Oh friend, He is faithful.  He can be trusted.  Let's believe Him together today!!





Jayne PattonComment