Your kids are off!!

Your kids are off.

You're wondering if you've failed or succeeded at parenting. Anxiety fills your mind as you wonder where they are at and what they are doing.

You're not alone. Mary, the mother of Jesus felt the same way. They had taken Jesus to Jerusalem for a festival and left assuming He was still with them. After the first day of travel they realized He was not with them. They headed back into Jerusalem and searched for him for 3 days.


Admittedly I might have taken my own child OUT had he (or she) pulled this stunt at 12.

Mary was way cooler than me though. Rather than separating His head from His neck, she asked Him a question.

"Why have you done this to us? Your father and I have been frantic, searching for you everywhere!" (Luke 2:48) For real though, I can only imagine her tone! πŸ˜

Jesus, you know, being Jesus and all - gave a really profound answer about where He had been and what He had been doing. It's a great answer. πŸ‘ŠπŸ» You should read about it in Luke 2:49-52. And then afterward He returned home with them and stayed for another.18.years. As His mother, I would have responded to that probably with, "Aww sweet Jesus...let momma make you some cookies so you'll stay forever πŸ€—."

But this is what struck me about the whole disappearing act...

"Mary had to let go of her child and let Him become a man, God's son, the Messiah. Fearful that she hadn't been careful enough with this God-given child, she searched frantically for him. But she was looking for a boy, not the young man who was in the temple astounding the religious leaders with His questions. Letting go of people or projects we have nurtured can be very difficult. It is both sweet and painful to see our children are growing into adults, our students into teachers, our subordinates into managers, our inspirations into institutions. But when the time comes we must step back and let go - in spite of the hurt. Then our protΓ©gΓ©s can exercise their wings take flight and soar to the heights God intended for them." (NLT notes)

Mary understood the pain we mommas feel when we also wonder if we have "done enough" with the gifts we have been given. And just like Jesus had an answer for her, He has answers for us. May we continue the work we have been called to, continuing to trust Him to do His. Some days my prayers consist mostly of "Lord, please fix all my mess-ups and fill in the gaps where I've completely screwed up!" I'm an honest pray-er. πŸ˜³

Mommas - our babies are meant to soar. Fulfill THEIR God-given destinies. Let's pray them on-ward and upward today! πŸ’•