"I will be filled with JOY because of YOU!!!" Psalm 9:2 (a)

"I will be filled with JOY because of YOU!!!" Psalm 9:2 (a)

Not because of a perfect marriage. Not because of the ideal number on a scale.  Not because of our children's successes.  Not because of our possessions.  Not because of our financial status. Not because of our perceived social status. Not because of a tropical location.  Not because of our jobs.  Not because of anything that glitters and in the end, simply rusts away.  


Because of HIM!

"I will sing praises to Your name, O Most High." Psalm 9:2(b)

We WILL redirect our focus back on to Him! Why?

Because "My enemies retreated; they STAGGERED and DIED when YOU appeared!" (Psalm 9:3)

What enemies? Real ones. Most often spiritual ones....

Depression. Comparison. Temptation. Addiction. Loneliness.  Enemies that seek to sabotage our joy and our hope.  Enemies that will STAGGER and DIE when Jesus appears!!  

Oh friend, focus on Jesus today!!  Are you under attack?  Get that worship music going! Bend your knee and begin to pour out your heart to the only One who can do anything about it!!  

 "The Lord is my STRENGTH and SHIELD.  I trust Him with ALL OF MY HEART.  He HELPS me, and my heart is FILLED with JOY! I burst out with songs of thanksgiving!!" Psalm 28:7

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