Value > Beautiful

Ok, so there’s this Facebook thing going around asking women to post 3 pics of themselves that make them “feel beautiful”, and then asks them to tag other women to do the same. It says something along the lines of “we do such a great job of tearing ourselves down, let’s spend some time building each other up” sort of thing. And we are supposed to post pics that make us feel beautiful. I see pics with kids, husbands, perfect hair and makeup.

And I get it. I really do.

Whoever came up with that concept had a really good heart. I would want to be friends with someone who thinks those kinds of thoughts…

So why did I struggle so much when I got tagged?

I mean the one who tagged me IS really beautiful. She’s strong and resilient. She posted great pics and as I read the post and looked at her pics, I thought, “But what does one post who doesn’t think she’s beautiful?”

Because beautiful is not what I see when I look in the mirror these days.


I see a nose too big for a face.
Lines left around my eyes and mouth even after I’ve stopped smiling.
A rear doing its best to still squeeze into yoga pants, but just a few donuts shy of splitting them.
Clothes from Goodwill because we have tuition to pay.
Makeup from Walgreens.
Eyebrows with wild hairs that missed being plucked.
Teeth that reveal I reeeaaalllly like coffee.
And shouldn't I be too told for acne now?

I see a hint of what once was many years ago. Before marriage. Before kids. Before knowledge of the harshness of life. I see an aging woman.

But beauty? Not so much.

But I do see something different.

I see someone who is valuable.

Proverbs 31:30 says “Charm is deceptive, and beauty does not last; but a woman who fears the Lord will be greatly praised.”

You see, I may not always hold value to those in the earthly realm - people are fickle and “give and take” love as easy as they donate to charity. But to God? To Him I am extremely valuable. The never leaving or forsaking kind of valuable.

You see,

He calls me by name and I am His - Isaiah 43:1
He crowns me with love - Psalm 103:4
He cares deeply for me - 1 Peter 5:6-7
He says I am valued - Matthew 10:31
He even died to have a relationship with me - Romans 5:8

If were to post pictures to show I am beautiful, I would be hard pressed to find ones I would post based on the world’s idea of beauty. It seems that’s always changing anyway. But I would readily post pictures of the Word of God, because it’s upon those pages where I find my VALUE. And to me? That’s of far greater consequence, and more meaningful than beauty any day.

I don’t write this to downplay anyone who has shared pictures of themselves being confident and playing along with that post. I am thrilled over its intent. My heart is for women like me who see posts like that and wonder “what would I post?” These are just my thoughts...please don’t misunderstand.

So if you’re like me, or share any of my fleshly insecurities, I want to say, You.Are.VALUABLE! And it’s not contingent on the size of your jeans, the nose on your face, whether or not you’re a parent, married, or have enough money in the bank. Rather, it rests wholly on who you are in Christ! You are purposed! You were planned! You are worth it!

And yes….you are - INCREDIBLY VALUED

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